The Craft, Art & Way of Painting

Perception, Marking, Awareness

In a local sense, The Painting Project is an artist’s studio and the location, in Boulder, Colorado, of instruction in the art of painting. In the largest sense, The Painting Project is the contemporary and ancient human engagement with hand-made marking and imagery — in which this instruction is playing its small but necessary part.

Our focus is on the classical and modern traditions of drawing and oil painting, within the context of our contemporary situation and currents. We are committed to the enduring power of painting as a depth human activity which affords an indispensable exploration of ways of being.


A Contemporary Form For Art’s Reception

A “Concurrence” is an hour-long event designed for communal reception and sharing of visual art. Inspired by Slow Art Day, a Concurrence is a contemporary form working to recontextualize visual art back towards its mythic and ritual origins of communal meaning and nurturance.


An Online Painting Collaborative

What if a painting isn’t just a painting? What if a painting actually is a catalyst, an interface, of an energetic exchange between the painter and the viewer? What if a painting, in truth, is a transmitter of the essential human experience of being?

Tapistry is an online painting collaborative that recontextualizes painting, not philosophically, but actually.

Recent Writings & Presentations


This book is a mix of various thoughts and musings — part inquiry into the relationship of painting and Consciousness, and part, in light of that inquiry, practical and pedagogical […]


Video – “PAINTING, POWER & PRESENCE: A Look at the Painting Journey”


Video – “Establishing a Reliable Painting Practice”


Video – “A Virtual Salon with Jordan Wolfson, ‘Three Paintings, Three Gates'”




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