Between Form & Non-Form -- There is Presence.



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My work, my painting, is about making and wielding form in order to locate, and become aware of, non-form.

My process is an attempt at making the relationship between form and awareness explicit. When I work I investigate the motif repeatedly in drawing and painting. I work in different modalities, different ways of investigating the motif.

I then juxtapose these different images together on the wall. I find when I look at the paintings, side by side, I notice — as I go from one image to the next — a kind of gap in my mind, a space in-between the paintings. This space is a space of non-form, of awareness.

My intent is to offer the viewer this same possibility.

This shift of mind recontextualizes the painting from an object of appreciation to one of participant in a larger constellation, as part of an installation. When the work is installed, the spaces in between the panels become just as important, if not more so, than the panels themselves. The wall allows us to begin to locate what is in-between the panels, what is in-between form. I did not make the wall. It was already here.

The situation of a repeated rectangle on an open wall becomes a stand-in, and a gateway, for consciousness.