An online painting collaborative

Participate in a shared exploration of the deeper nature of hand-made imagery. Tapistry is a communal process that increases awareness of the essential, inherent energy of painting.

Format A painting is not simply a picture. A painting is a weaving of energy.

Creation, Discovery, Community, Collaboration

8 Webinars
8 Exercises to locate and strengthen power and presence in our work

The collaboration is a three-fold process. The first part is a process of personal engagement directly with our work.

Through a series of eight webinars, a process will be provided that will enable each participant painter to clarify and strengthen the amount of presence in their drawing and painting.

In tandem with the exercises, through the framework of the webinars, there will be an accompanying online sharing of our work.

As we communally move through the progression of the exercises, the shared images and words provide a way to communicate and express our shared way, giving an outward communal structure to our individual energetic exploration. Geographic distance and time collapse through the weave of the collaboration.

Giving, Receiving, Integration

While the predominant means for sharing and distribution of artwork in our culture is through the art market and gallery system, one can make a case that the necessary and original means for circulating artwork is through gifting.

In the context of our painting collaboration we will practice gifting in two parts.

The first part will be through gifting a member of the collaboration with one of our drawings or paintings that came out of our journey through the webinars. We will physically send a work of our making to someone in the group through postal mail.

The second step to the energetic weave of gifting will occur through giving a drawing or painting to someone who is not part of the collaboration, with an explanation of how this artwork is an expression of a larger, extended collaborative form.

Participation in the collaboration will also begin with gifting. After your registration to participate fully in the Tapistry, I will send you a drawing of mine in the mail, a gift from me.

The third part of the collaboration will be an actual, physical gathering — a Convergence.

We will come together for a four-day gathering, in Boulder, Colorado, to present and share our work and process and discoveries.  There will also be exercises that will build upon and extend our explorations and work, giving us an opportunity to interact not only as individual makers but also as maker-collaborators.

We will engage in a set of Concurrences as we take in and become acquainted with our new territory and get a clearer understanding of the outcomes of our collaboration and the implications of the Tapistry.

Upcoming Sessions

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Sessions include webinars, exercises, and an online community space. Participating artists also share—giving and receiving works of art as part of the process. Sessions conclude with an in-person gathering.

Open to artists of all levels.

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Still Life with Roses and Blue Glass II


Awareness is the only constant. We begin by recognizing our own vitality — clarifying our own awareness through the recognition of our creative temperament.

We endeavor to imbue that vitality and awareness into the material — into the paint as we work. We then share our work, the physical expression and embodiment of our awareness, with others. We are weaving awareness; first into the material, as if awakening the material, and then further expanding by gifting others, giving others our work, these material/energetic expressions.

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Pre-Enrollment Questions

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