Exhibitions, Presentations, Concurrences

Jordan Wolfson engages with the larger community through a variety of platforms.

Wolfson’s artwork can be found and experienced in exhibitions both nationally and internationally. As the nature of this work has moved from individual pieces to extended series, the experience of an exhibition has become more immersive, akin to an installation.

Along with exhibitions, Wolfson periodically presents talks and lectures on a variety of topics related to painting and culture—from an exploration of our contemporary situation and how we got here to an investigation into the nature of presence and its relationship to painting.

In addition, Wolfson created and facilitates Concurrences, an intimate group form designed to enrich the community aspect of the visual art experience.

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About the Concurrence

A Concurrence is an hour-long event which strengthens the communal aspect of the visual arts. Participants gather at a select venue where they slow down and experience art in a shared, meaningful way.

The form of a Concurrence allows for the experience of art to return to its communal roots. While we no longer believe in an overarching, homogenous, cultural story that we live by, we do all share a desire for human richness and depth of experience. A Concurrence provides an opportunity for cross-sector enrichment and for a shared intuitive development of our communal desire for wholeness.

The Concurrence begins with participants standing quietly and taking in the various visual art objects presented at the venue.

One by one, each person may choose to share their experiences, thoughts, sensations and feelings, for a minute or two.

After each person in the circle has shared, the circle opens up to responses, comments, and conversation for another five to ten minutes.

The discussion is followed by a quiet moment and then the Concurrence closes.

Concurrences allow us to explore and share the richness of the art in a more collective setting.

Art has the power to strengthen and nurture community and culture. This is part of art’s ancient legacy. In the past, art carried a communal function that gave aesthetic form to shared experience and dreams. Art catalyzed deep social sharing.

We are in need of a form that allows us to communally access a greater fullness in art. Our current model, as normally occurs in a gallery or museum, is like a party, and while that’s often a wonderful and uplifting experience, it does not provide for our communal reception and awareness of the work.

I would be very interested in speaking with you about the possibility of facilitating a Concurrence at your venue, or in answering any questions that you might have.

Upcoming Concurrences

People who appreciate art and artists of all levels are encouraged to RSVP for any or all of our upcoming Concurrences. We gather at local, Colorado galleries and museums.



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