“I have a desire to mark — to take material and mark on a surface. I have a desire to see, to look clearly at what I am seeing, to receive fully and clearly what I am seeing, and then to make a mark, many marks, in relation to what I am seeing. Sometimes I wish to capture what I am seeing, to copy it, emulate it. Capture the glory of it. Sometimes the desire is different; I want to touch it, acknowledge it, then perhaps get close, closer, and dance with what I’m seeing. There is a desire for an intimacy with my vision – not to get lost in it, not to forget myself, but something akin to that. To find myself, know myself, in the very experience of seeing, without thoughts, and in the experience of marking, without expectations and without a goal. No time, just the being here, in the seeing and in the marking. Painting…”

The book is a mix of various thoughts and musings — part inquiry into the relationship of painting and Consciousness, and part, in light of that inquiry, practical and pedagogical suggestions related to a painting journey. It is not an attempt at a definitive statement and conclusion, but rather simply my thoughts and experiences that I wish to share as an offering, with the hopes of leading to others’ own creative engagement – my contribution, today, to the greater good as I understand it.

Published in 2020. 52 pages.