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THE TAPISTRY: Journeying, 2020



Painting brings into being an energetic relationship between the painter and the viewer.

While working, the painter is present, imbuing the paint with her or his life force. The more present the painter is while painting, the more presence and life force the painting contains. The viewer, if receptive, will sense the energetic vibration of the paint that has been charged by the painter.

The painting serves as a vehicle, a kind of transmitter, a weaving of energy between the painter and the viewer.

The weaving of energy is the artwork. This is the Tapistry.

Through a series of eight webinars, a process is provided that enables each participant painter to clarify and strengthen the amount of presence in their drawing and painting.

The first session can be viewed for FREE. You can purchase each video individually, or buy the full set at 20% off.



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