Spanning over 25 years of work, this catalog presents 75 paintings, exploring the motif of the interior.

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“Over the years, the spaces have changed. When I lived in Jerusalem my apartment was my muse.  What light!  I moved to the foothills, and again, had the good fortune to be bathed in light.  Back in the States, due to the particulars of studio locations light has been less of a player.  But space has continued. How else?

“In some ways, the interiors have been simply a way for me to try to paint space.  The furniture, my set of players, my acting troupe, they have been with me for decades – dutiful, faithful, and knowing their true role is to support the space, to frame it, and help provide me with a way to meet and receive the space.

“What does it mean to meet and receive space?  These paintings are an ongoing attempt to ask that question. The paintings are not considered answers, just honest attempts at asking. This desire to meet space drives my engagement and the marking.  Sometimes the question is framed more representationally, with the familiarity of recognizable architecture and tonality. Sometimes the question is impatient, and pushes directly into sheer marking.

“Painting interiors is a way for me to meet my life, in this moment, as it is.  Not a grand moment, just this moment.  As it is.  Again and again.”

Published in 2024. 98 pages.