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PAINTING, POWER & PRESENCE: A Recontextualization for Painters, Creatives, and Collectors


The Painting Project Studio Online, Mountain Time

Date & Time

January 1 - January 1 2024
Monday, 8:00am - 5:00pm



A Talk and Presentation.

What is the deeper meaning of Painting today? When we engage in the activity of painting what exactly are we doing, how can we make it stronger, and what does it actually matter? This talk looks at the history and prehistory of Two-Dimensional Handmade Image Making. We look at the essential experience of Presence in Painting; and the urgent implications for us as contemporary painters, creatives, and collectors.


A brief video introduction.

The slide talk begins with our cave-painting heritage and moves briskly up to our contemporary times, lasting approximately one hour and leaving time for questions.  In that hour, some of what is covered includes:

  • An examination into the contemporary problem of meaning in art, and the implications for a creative maker.
  • A multicultural, world-wide, pre-modern look at painting.
  • An exploration of the aspect of Presence in art – what it is, how it arrives and why it’s important.
  • A visual engagement with a range of Modern and Contemporary painters, touching upon their own sense of meaning.
  • A look at what it means to move from a culture of production and consumption to a culture of stewardship in our creative making.
  • A context for why the engagement with painting deeply matters, both for us as individuals and for the larger culture and times.

The cost for giving the talk is donation-based. In the time-honored Buddhist tradition of dana (donation) for teachings that are given in the spirit of a gift, I have incorporated this practice into my own offerings.  In addition, with the growing use of online lecturing this has become more practical and available.  It is also possible to arrange an in-person presentation, which will incur added expense, to be covered, for travel and lodging.

If this sounds like something you would like to offer your students, I’d be very happy to connect and discuss further possibilities.  Please click on the “Contact the Artist” link in the upper right corner. The date and time shown in the upper left are place-holders; scheduling will be determined based on each venue’s particular scheduling needs.





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