GROUP CRIT – Late Spring/Early Summer 2024, online

The Painting Project Studio Online, Mountain Time CO

Meeting LIVE Online for 4 sessions, every other Tuesday. April 30, May 14 and 28, and June 11. Jordan will be facilitating a group critique for painters who are interested in exploring together deeper aspects of painting, what it means for each of us to paint, and how to strengthen our work, both formally and […]

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Jordan Wolfson's Studio 4919 North Broadway, Unit 16, Boulder

An Eight-Week In-Studio Course.  For intermediate and advanced. "How do I move from a skill-based mode of painting into a more personal, stronger, and exploratory way of working?"   The Modern Masters course series is designed to give participants access to different ways of painting, moving from a more naturalistic and objective tradition to more […]

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I thought I’d start by just by putting together a list of books and articles that I have found particularly relevant. When possible I’ll try to set up a link for them as well. Most of the links point to the books on the Amazon site which will give you additional information about  each one. Please click on the titles.

Forge, Andrew, Painting and the Struggle for the Whole Self

Gombrich, Ernst, The Story of Art

Hughes, Robert, The Shock of the New

Danto, Arthur, After the End of Art

Weintraub, Linda, To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet

Belting, Hans, Art History after Modernism

Gablik, Suzi, Has Modernism Failed

Gablik, Suzi, The Reenchantment of Art

Elkins, James, What Painting Is

Brenson, Mi chael, Acts of Engagement

Jacobs, Mary Jane, and Bass, Jacqueline, Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art

Becker, Howard S., Art Worlds

Shiner, Larry, The Invention of Art

Hyde, Lewis, The Gift

Dorfman, Geoffrey, Out of the Picture: Milton Resnick and the New York School

Shiff, Richard, Between Sense and de Kooning

Shiff, Richard, Cezanne and the End of Impressionism

Shapiro, Meyer, Modern Art 19th and 20th Centuries

Sylvester, David, About Modern Art

Sylvester, David, Interviews with Francis Bacon

Berger, John, About Looking

Berger, John, The Shape of a Pocket

Berger, John, Keeping a Rendezvous

Berger, John and Berger Andreadakis, Katya, Titian, Nymph and Shepherd

Forge, Andrew, Soutine

Galenson, David

Galenson, David, Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth Century Art

Beuys, Joseph, What is Art?

Lipsey, Roger, An Art of Our Own, The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art

Perry, Gil and Wood, Paul, Themes in Contemporary Art

Spurling, Hilary, The Unknown Matisse

Spurling, Hilary, Matisse the Master