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Abstraction as Discovery: Working on Paper


The Painting Project Studio
4919 North Broadway, Unit #16
Boulder, CO 80304 United States


Dates & Times

November 6 - December 18 2019
Wednesdays, 1:30pm - 4:30pm




Using a non-achievement oriented practice, we will investigate the possibility of a dialogue between our inner lives and the life of the image. We will be working with basic questions of abstraction and how to experiment with formal elements such as composition, line, shape, mark, edge and value as a way of EXPLORING NEW TERRITORY. We will be working in a mostly limited palette of black and white in various media on paper; charcoal, ink, ink wash, white and black conte, acrylic, gouache or casein. Previous experience in abstraction not necessary. Directness, spontaneity, risk and play will be encouraged. Space is limited to seven participants. Open to all levels.


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