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The Secret is in the Edges

Recently I came across a folder with a number of older blog posts that I had posted some years ago on my painter’s website. When the site was revamped the posts, unfortunately, were deleted. Fortunately, I had saved a good number of the posts in the aforementioned folder. So I thought I’d pull some of them out and re-post them now on this current blog. Here’s one about edges that I had originally wrote in a journal back in 2005. I guess most of what I wrote and write is in some way to myself. Maybe everything is like that in the end.

December 20, 2005

The secret is in the edges.

The secret is in the edges – where things meet – that’s where we find the relationships between things – how we perceive the nature of the relationships between things, that is, how we understand the nature of reality. Not in some esoteric sense, but in this very life. As Beuys said – the mystery is in the main station.

Once, as I was watching a performance of The Knee Plays by Robert Wilson, I was sitting in the back, student tickets, across the aisle from the soundboard. David Byrne came and sat next to the soundboard in the aisle, that is, next to me. As one scene transitioned into another I examined the outline of the performance — a pamphlet that displayed a series of schematic pictures of what was to go on stage – and I tried to figure out just what exactly was going on up there on the stage. After watching my confusion for a moment, Byrne leaned over, swished his pen back and forth over the pamphlet pictures, and said in Byrneian crispness, “Here we are…in between.”

So it is.

Bailey said something about that once – about edges, something about how the overall tone of an object can be fairly solid and even, without any real gradation, and it will still work spatially if the edges are right. That is, our sense of space and form depends greatly on the quality of the edges.

On that note, here’s a current interior that I just finished – at least today I think it’s finished. Ask me next week. The first round of me starting this up was filmed by Carmel. On the list to edit and upload that one – thanks, Carmel!

And here’s the next one, first strike:

Looking forward to seeing where it goes —



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