Bringing Life-Force
and Presence
into Your Work.





Building on the previous offering, Establishing a Reliable Painting Practice, this video explains the why and how of "showing-up", and being fully present, in our studio practice.


Emotional energies can seem like obstacles, keeping us from our work.  How can we turn them into catalysts and wellsprings of power -- making our paintings ALIVE?


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Jordan Wolfson is a contemporary artist who has taught for close to thirty years.  He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and abroad and his artwork is found within many public and private collections. Jordan received his MFA from Yale University School of Art and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. He currently teaches private workshops and classes through The Painting Project. 

How to Transform
Emotional Obstacles into GATEWAYS for
Authentic Painting.

The key to deepening our creative engagement is showing up as fully as we can.  What does that look like if we don't feel inspired or in the flow? How do we get to work if we're feeling anxious or frustrated or confused?  Then what?!

What you will learn:

  • The Key to Bringing Power and Presence into Our Painting
  • How to Make Our Painting Practice Transformative and Necessary
  • The Importance of Accepting and Wielding "Where-We're-At"
  • How to USE Emotional Energy Directly in Our Making

Don't Wait to Bring Deep
Presence and Power into Your Painting.
It is Real and Available - Now.

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