What is the deeper nature of painting? 



How can I develop as a painter

in accord with this deeper nature?



Please join me for this LIVE, Online,

7-Week Course, where we will explore and develop Foundational Skills of

Drawing and Painting within the context of

Mindfulness and Being.



Part One




Jordan Wolfson is a contemporary painter and teacher, painting for over 45 years, exhibiting nationally and internationally, and teaching for over 25 years - reaching hundreds of students.  

In these videos Jordan explains how he came to develop this course, who this course is for, and what you can expect from participation. He also explains and goes through some of the details, the nuts and bolts, and weekly structure.

The course begins September 14th.  Enrollment is open for a limited time.


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Painting carries within it the power

to recognize and give expression to

our true nature. 




Who this course is for —


This course is for people who are interested in developing foundational skills in painting and would like to do so through a lens of awareness and mindfulness.


This course is for people who already have foundational skills and are looking to deepen their painting practice, both inwardly in terms of their experience, and outwardly in terms of the painting itself.


This course is for people who are interested in exploring their deeper self and the nature of Being through the lens of sense perception and aesthetic engagement.





In Weeks One and Two, we will practice exercises to explore and begin to integrate our seeing and our touching – that is, our visual experience with our mark-making.  There will be series of exercises designed to slow us down and allow us to move more fully into our visual perception, and note that moment to moment perception in our marking.  





In Weeks Three and Four, we will introduce traditional skills of measuring and proportion, how to determine the geometry of the specific forms that we’re looking at -- and we will contextualize and practice this skill within a context of mindfulness and spacious looking





In Weeks Five, Six and Seven, we will start working with value, that is, black and white and the grey scale – how to translate the world of color that we inhabit into a set of value shapes and value relationships, first in charcoal and then we’ll move into oils, slowing things down technically in order to understand how to use oils in a comfortable and relaxed way.

This course re-contextualizes painting back to its ancient roots as a human-depth activity that gives expression to our essential nature.


Through the development of formal outward skills, our inner sensibility will be engaged and clarified, further attuning our attention to our true nature.  Each session will include demonstrations and guided exercises to be practiced together.  After each guided exercise there will be time for sharing, feedback, questions, and conversation. All of the exercises will be demonstrated, facilitated, and guided by Jordan.


In addition to the demonstrations will be a LIVE ongoing Q&A, allowing for in-depth conversation covering the formal details of the exercise, as well as fielding general questions regarding a painting practice.


For all levels.  Course limited to 20 participants.


A Members Only Facebook group will be provided for posting our work, for supportive community and creative sharing.  Jordan will conduct weekly reviews of the work with clear and constructive responses


All sessions will be streamed in HIGH DEFINITION, providing increased visual acuity of the painted surface and demonstrations.


All sessions will be recorded, archived and available for repeated viewing.



Part One begins September 14th.

Enrollment is open for a limited time.

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