How do we conjure the magical sense of space and light on a flat canvas?






Jordan Wolfson is a contemporary painter and teacher, painting for over 45 years and teaching for over 25 years - reaching hundreds of students.  In this free demo video, Jordan will demonstrate what we need to know in order to conjure an interior space on canvas.

This video gives a preview of INTERIORS: MAKING SPACE, Part One - a 4-week, online, LIVE webinar that provides a step-by-step process for achieving the magic of space on a flat surface.

The course starts July 6.  Enrollment is open for a limited time.

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In Week One, Jordan will focus on geometry, proportion, alignment and angles to establish a convincing space through line.  The establishment of accurate structure becomes essential in setting up the foundations of the painting.  In addition to the demo we will also go through a PowerPoint presentation looking at Old Master, Modern and Contemporary examples of interiors.





In Week Two we will work in black and white oil paint, building on our linear understanding and working to establish the large value relationships of the situation.  A clear understanding of the large value relationships is extremely helpful when moving on to color in order to provide a believable sense of light and space. 




Weeks Three and Four will develop the interior space in color, focusing on the development of large tonal relationships, and the problem of light from the outside coming into an interior space.  Beyond the aspect of value in tone, we will also cover temperature and saturation


In addition to geometry and tonality, we will be covering the importance of edge quality and paint handling in the development of the experience of space on a flat surface.

One essential and magical aspect of painting is conjuring the experience of space on a flat canvas.


In INTERIORS: MAKING SPACE, Part One, participants will learn how to develop a convincing interior while working from observation -- focusing on the establishment of architecture through geometry and the large tonal relationships.


In addition to the weekly demonstrations by Jordan, establishing step-by-step structure of an interior space, each session will also include an ongoing LIVE Q&A, allowing for in-depth conversation covering the nuts and bolts of the exercise, as well as fielding general questions regarding a painting practice.


A Members Only Facebook group will be provided for posting our work, for supportive community and creative sharing.  Jordan will conduct weekly reviews of the work with clear and constructive responses.  


All sessions will be streamed in HIGH DEFINITION, providing greatly increased visual acuity of the painted surface and demonstrations.


All sessions will be recorded, archived and available for repeated viewing.




INTERIORS: MAKING SPACE, Part One begins July 6th.

Enrollment is open for a limited time.

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